daily dime: .ephriam.

awoken by a strange sound, i opened my eyes.

i wasn’t at home in my bed and it took me a few moments to remember where i was. i looked up to the window above the bed i was lying in and took note of the dark blue sky.

the sun hadn’t risen yet. what was the sound that woke me up?

i hear it again…someone singing in a language i can’t understand.

patrick warned us that we’d hear the muslim prayers 5 times a day. they would sing them over a loud speaker that would flood the valley. slightly irritated by being woken up for a prayer that i was not going to participate in, i rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. it had been a long day and there was another long day waiting for me.

finally, after a time, the singer stopped and i breathed a sigh of relief. now i could sleep and hopefully be well-rested for the day.

but then i heard another noise. just outside my window. someone was working. preparing for the day. then i heard ephriam’s voice. deep and smooth; he began to sing a song who’s melody i knew well but the words were in a foreign tongue.

in the still of the morning before anyone was awake, he was spending his time alone in worship as he began his tasks for the day.

i felt strange for a moment. like i was invading a private moment. but the more he sang, the more my spirit was at ease. i began to think of king david. how he worshipped without ceasing.

it didn’t matter to ephriam that he had to be up hours before every one.

he just worshipped.

it didn’t matter to him that no one was there to hear his singing and acknowledge the work he was doing.

he just worshipped.

i smiled and drifted back to sleep…

he just worshipped.

daily dime: .5.5.7.

Dark pavement.
Lights reflecting off every surface.
Rain dripping from my nose.
Tracing lines down my face.
Washing the world around me.

Dark stage.
Lights moving off every surface.
Music dripping from my ears.
Tracing lines around my heart.
Washing this mood inside me.

Dark smile.
Lights shining from the inside.
Laughter making me smile.
Tracing lines around my soul.
Washing the bleakness away.