.not the same.

the weight was unbearable. the pain…indistinguishable.

the same question continued to roll through my brain like storm clouds in the summer sky. what did i do? i couldn’t process the situation.

how could it ever get to this point? was i that bad of a friend? was it truly that easy to betray me?

i sat on the porch swing, staring at the even planks that made the base of the porch. i studied the small cracks that veined their way across the surface. this was a place of comfort and the only place i could think of coming. i had to have some semblance of normalcy and this was the only thing that made any sense.

the breeze skimmed my skin and brought the early scent of rain. clean and warm. i closed my eyes and took in the fragrant air in an attempt to clear my mind.

i don’t know how long i sat there. just breathing.

when did life become so messy?

i opened my eyes and the sky opened up.

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